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Life on Earth is fascinating in its many complexities and the biology of our planet is like no other. The interactions between all living things can be boiled down to many, delicate molecules that are still being explored today. While their interactions make for a captivating puzzle for researchers, understanding these intricate details can be challenging and intimidating. 

To make this learning process more accessible, fun, and rewarding, we have created MoleculeGo: an augmented reality Educational Gaming App that gamifies the process of learning about Molecular Biology. In this game, the player collects amino acids, DNA sequences, molecular building blocks, and blueprints used to synthesize proteins. By capturing DNA segments, the player is able to discover genes that encode for proteins. These genes provide the user with the necessary “recipe” for synthesizing proteins, which can later be used to construct even more complex molecules. As the player progresses in the game, information will become available about each molecule’s basic function and how its structure is associated with its molecular role. This allows people to learn about the important concepts of biology while building their protein collection within the app. It’s like a backpack of molecules.

By creating an app that allows you to build molecules from the ground up, we hope to help you explore the intricate details of biology and what makes life on Earth so innately complex. 

How To Play

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